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Phone Patty: (706) 379-0693
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Here's What Our Customers are Saying About Us:
Hello everyone!
My name is Dusty and I am a nine year old cock-a-poo (my favorite photo of myself is to the right). My Grandpa always kept me when my family had to go away but now he is sick and can no longer keep me so my Mom and Dad had to stay home all the time because of me. My Mom and Dad needed to go away for awhile so my Mom called and screened pet sitting services for a week and could not find anyone that she trusted to keep me until she found Hugs and Smooches Pet Sitting in the phone book.
Patty, the owner of Hugs and Smooches came and met me and she became my friend. My Mom decided to let Patty keep me while they went away. I was lonely but Patty came and walked me, fed me, and played with me, and loved me while my family was away. I hope that all my furry friends will tell their owners to call Hugs and Smooches if they need a pet sitter.
My Mom loves me very much and she would never board me at the kennel because I would be confined to a cage and that is miserable. With Patty, I stay in the comfort of my own home and she is good to me and my Mom trusts her to take good care of me. I hope that she will always be my pet sitter when my Mom and Dad goes away.
With Hugs and Smooches - Dusty, Young Harris, Georgia

"Great company! We have used "Hugs and Smooches" on quite a few occasions, and will continue to do so. They are very dependable and the services are great! They not only take care of our pets, but also anything else that might need to be done around the house, like watering plants and bringing in mail. We especially love the notes that are left, detailing each visit. They do an outstanding job, and we highly recommend them!" - Connee A., Blairsville
"We've really enjoyed Patty with Hugs & Smooches as our cat sitter. She readily befriended our 3 cats and we found her to be very reliable and honest. She's happy to go the extra step to make both owners and animals feel secure-something every pet owner values. We love her daily log telling us how our cats have done each day while under her care. We highly recommend her to any pet lover." - Liz & Bill B., Blairsville

ā€¯Thanks to Hugs and Smooches Pet sitters, my husband and I can go away knowing that our cock-a-poo will be walked, fed, and loved. I would never leave my pet at the kennel and confine him to a cage. He can stay in the comfort of his own home, and his Hugs and Smooches pet sitter comes to him. I know that he is happy because he eats when the pet sitter comes. In the past he would go without eating if he had to stay away from his home." - Susan B., Young Harris
"I like to travel, but couldn't do it without Hugs & Smooches. I just wouldn't have the heart to cage my two beloved, pampered kitty friends away somewhere in an unfamiliar environment for weeks at a time. With Hugs & Smooches I don't have to worry about a thing. Kitties stay home; I go. Hugs & Smooches makes sure my furry friends get their food, water, grooming and playtime according to my instructions. They even provide-well, hugs and smooches! They also do a few helpful household chores such as bringing in the mail and watering the plants. I've found Hugs & Smooches to be dependable, caring, and professional, so my mind rests easy while I am way. Highly recommended." - Sylvia P., Blairsville
"Patty - Thanks from the bottom of my heart! We had a wonderful weekend and a much-needed getaway. It was great not to worry about the cats-I knew you were taking care of them. We will be calling you again and again. Thank you. - Lou H., Hiawassee
"Dear Patty, Sometimes someone touches our heart and stays there forever! Thank you so much for taking good care of Cricket. I'm sure you know how much she means to us. We appreciate your care." - Joanie and Jack, Blairsville
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